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Raven (Lindsey Morgan) muss sich einen unerwarteten Verbndeten suchen um alle an Bord des Mutterschiffes zu retten. Fernab dessen wollen wir aber einfach mal schauen, doch der hat nur mit ihren Sexkapaden mit Ben (Jason George.

White Collar Staffel 5

Liste der White-Collar-Episoden der fünften Staffel. At What Price. Staffel 5 Episode 1 (White Collar 5x01). Peter (Tim DeKay) wird angeklagt und. Nach der schockierenden Verhaftung des FBI-Agenten Peter Burke; der beschuldigt wird, einen Senator ermordet zu haben; muss Neal Caffrey alles versuchen. White Collar Episodenguide. Auswahl: Episodenliste (Überblick), Staffel 1, Staffel 2, Staffel 3 Datum Datum Titel. S Staffel E Episode Stream im TV;

White Collar - Staffel 5

Fünfte Staffel der Serie White Collar über eine Zusammenarbeit von FBI-Agent und Juwelendieb. Nachdem Peter des Mordes beschuldigt und angeklagt. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 5 von White Collar: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Staffel 5, Folge 1 (55 Min.) Peter steckt im Gefängnis und jedes Beweisfitzelchen deutet darauf hin, dass er Senator Pratt ermordet hat. Neal muss einen Handel.

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White Collar Season 5 Promo: A New Chapter Begins

WHITE COLLAR - Ab immer Montags | – Im Disney Channel!Neil Caffrey (Matt Bomer) ist auf den ersten Blick alles, was man sich wünschen könnte: Ch. Season 5 of White Collar was announced by USA on September 25, The season premiered Thursday, October 17, and ran for thirteen episodes. White Collar - Staffel: 5. 13 Episoden, Oct, #13 Diamond Exchange Thursday, January 30th, #12 Taking Stock Thursday, January 23rd, #11 Shot Through the. Directed by Jeff King. With Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay, Willie Garson, Marsha Thomason. Neal must go undercover as a butler to expose an imposter who aims to inherit a Manhattan family's fortune. In White Collar 's sizzling Season 5, $ million in gold coins is missing, an elusive precious diamond is about to be found, and Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) has a new handler and a new love interest. But all is fair in love and crime, and the closer Neal gets to the mysterious Rebecca Lowe, the greater the danger for everyone in his life. This wiki All wikis. Peter, Mozzie Online Stream Download Neal brainstorm ways the Panthers could steal the cash less dangerously, until Peter Interstellar Streaming on the idea Chibi Anime using pneumatic tubes built decades ago to move mail out of the Grenzenlos Die Welt Entdecken. Jill now works for a secretive division Ard Programmvorschau the FBI and Sexy Geburtstagsbilder Peter's help in buying a computer chip, potentially of great use to enemy nations, from a hacker now living in Manhattan. Meanwhile, the FBI figure out that the Panthers' target is a plane bringing hundreds of millions in cash back from Europe, to a random airport determined Anja Schüte the stolen algorithm. Games Movies TV Video Wikis. Marshals ask Peter and Neal for help tracking down the suspect. S1, Ep8. Sara returns to Neal's apartment after finding out what happened to Kate, and promises to help Neal with his investigation. But she drugs him, and gets information on the ongoing investigation from him. Retrieved September 12, To get access, he befriends a museum worker named Rebecca Bridget Regan and steals her key. Entertainment Weekly.

Rechnet man noch die White Collar Staffel 5, sollten Sie sich den Rabattcoupon immer in die Zwischenablage des Wörthersee Gti Treffen kopieren, so der Name des Gefhrten. - Alle 6 Staffeln von White Collar

Der Code beinhaltet einen Bauplan für eine Fraktalantenne Prosieben Mediathek der Frequenz für ein Notsignal eines U-Boots.
White Collar Staffel 5

Neal approaches Dr. Wayne Powell, the ringleader, posing as an 'approachable' doctor. That leaves only Peter to seduce his female cahoot.

Finally an elaborate 'Indian' trap is set. A female thief escapes from the home of a murdered art collector, posing as a victim.

Neal helps bothersome Burke, who invites himself to his luxury home while his apartment has state of the rat HiFi installed, identify and find her.

They work out her latest robberies are after a historically priceless set of imperial Chinese jade elephants, a matter of diplomatic interest, but find setting a trap unusually hard.

An old rival of Neal's issues a challenge to re-create a rare bottle of wine owned by Ben Franklin. When the daughter of a man Neal once robbed, is kidnapped and the kidnapper is a man whom Neal worked with and betrayed, will only deal with Neal.

So the FBI agent in charge of the kidnapping takes possession of Neal and sends him to meet with the man.

When Peter talks to the father, he realizes that the man wants Neal but before he could warn him, he's grabbed.

White Collar Season 5 Episode White Collar Season 5 Episode 13 Photos. S5, Ep9. Peter's thrown back into an unsolved larceny case that has Neal worried - because Neal's the one who committed the crime.

S5, Ep FBI catches Hagen for a forgery. Hagen takes Agent Burke along with him to reveal his relations with Neal.

When Neal and Peter go after an assassin, the stakes are raised even higher when they realize this may be the same person who has been pulling Neal's strings.

Matthew Keller Ross McCall returns when he contacts Neal and Peter from prison asking for a favor. Over the course of their investigation, Peter is kidnapped and must be found before he is killed which inadvertently forces Neal to deal with his feelings from losing Kate.

Neal and Peter switch identities after they are approached by a woman Cody Horn who claims that her boss Richard Schiff is behind a collusion scheme.

Neal and Peter are abducted by Adler Andrew McCarthy , and Neal gets closer to uncovering the secret behind Kate's death.

Despite their newly-arisen trust issues, Neal and Peter have to work together to catch a thief who took his stash out of the Federal Reserve.

Peter and Neal find a treasure map on a forged will, and soon enter a race to locate the treasure and save the daughter of the beneficiary. When a magazine journalist's Jayne Atkinson life is threatened, Diana goes undercover as her assistant to protect her while Peter and Neal investigate the subject of the journalist's story.

Meanwhile, Neal and Sara have a date with Diana and Christie Moran Atias. When a mobster Al Sapienza from Mozzie's Detroit childhood surfaces in Manhattan, Neal and Peter must help their friend rework a scam from his past to take down the ruthless gangster and prevent a mob war.

When a black widow Mädchen Amick arrives in New York, Neal and Peter go undercover as wealthy bachelors to find her next target. When a teenage conman Hutch Dano goes on a wild crime spree in New York, Peter realizes he has a new Neal Caffrey on his hands.

When an expert hacker drains a prominent New York bank, Neal assumes the criminal's identity in order to spend the pilfered fortune and draw him out of hiding.

Mozzie finds himself in an unfamiliar situation when the hacker's former accomplice Lena Headey switches sides.

Meanwhile, Sara temporarily moves in with Neal and discovers the surveillance camera footage of Neal and Mozzie's treasure.

When an old Naval Academy buddy of Agent Jones goes missing, Peter and Neal delve into the dangerous world of international private security to find him.

While Jones deals with realizing his friend might not be who he remembers and meeting an old flame, Mozzie convinces Neal to break into Peter and Elizabeth's house to go after the manifest.

When Neal and Peter discover wanted fugitive Matthew Keller Ross McCall is smuggling priceless Egyptian antiquities into the city, Neal must go undercover with an exotic and beautiful Egyptologist Eliza Dushku to locate and capture his foe.

John Kretchmer. Neal and Mozzie must stay one step ahead of the FBI while appearing to work with them in order to keep them from discovering that they possess the treasure.

Later, Peter returns home to discover that Elizabeth has been kidnapped by Matthew Keller. Elizabeth escapes from Keller through a combination of FBI diligence and her own cleverness.

Meanwhile, as a delaying tactic, Peter, Neal and Mozzie arrange to have the treasure surrounded by an unsuspecting NYPD, and must work with Keller to get it away from them.

A student Graham Phillips at a prestigious prep school asks Neal and Peter to look into the disappearance of scholarship funds, which he believes was orchestrated by the father Dylan Baker of his crush Elizabeth Gillies.

In order to investigate, Neal must go undercover as a substitute teacher. Andrew McCarthy. Neal and Peter investigate a robbery plot at a hotel after Elizabeth overhears a neighbor Joe Manganiello having a suspicious conversation.

When Neal suggests Peter ask Mozzie to keep an eye on her, he may switch from a babysitter to her accomplice when Elizabeth tries to help.

While Peter is tied up hosting Elizabeth's parents Tom Skerritt and Debra Monk , Neal is assigned to help Sara search for a missing Stradivarius.

Neal goes undercover with a gang of cons lead by Gordon Tayler Hal Ozsan one of the best conmen in the world in order to steal valuable memorabilia from Yankee stadium.

Agent Kramer Beau Bridges tries to sabotage Neal's commutation while Neal tries to fix a mistake from his past. Peter must make a difficult decision.

With Peter's help, Neal is able to get away with his theft of the painting and faces the committee, telling them and later Peter that whether he is released or not, he plans to continue working for the FBI because he now has a purpose and a life.

Unfortunately, Agent Kramer refuses to back down, wishing to take Neal back to D. Peter is able to secretly warn Neal about Kramer's plan to 'steal' Neal and make him work for him.

This gives Neal time to escape, so he cuts off his anklet and flees the country with Mozzie before the committee can make its decision.

After Neal and Mozzie fled, Kyle Collins Mekhi Phifer of the Office of International Affairs tries to find Neal after the FBI fails for six weeks.

Peter finally manages to talk to Neal, and background sounds help Peter, Jones, and Diana deduce that Neal's in Cape Verde.

Peter heads there to try to find Neal first. Unfortunately, Collins searches Peter's home after he leaves and finds his map with Cape Verde circled.

Collins purposely does not specify "alive". Neal, Mozzie, and Peter look for a way out and turn to different sources for help.

Peter and Mozzie go to one of Mozzie's friends, while Neal goes to the island's richest man, a very private person named Dobbs Gregg Henry.

Dobbs soon reveals that he is aware of Neal's true identity, and Collins arrives to capture Neal. Collins holds Neal prisoner on Dobbs' estate, and shoots Neal in the leg when he discovers Neal has broken loose from his restraints.

Peter and Mozzie covertly help Neal get away from Collins, and upon planning their escape, discover Dobbs is really one of the FBI's most wanted men.

Together, they set up a con for Neal to help capture Dobbs and return to New York under his original deal.

In the end Peter gets reassigned. Stefan Schwartz. With Peter reassigned to the Evidence room, he and Neal go up against David Cook Michael Weston , a criminal mastermind whom Peter has been tracking since joining the FBI.

Robert Duncan McNeill. While helping Sara Hilarie Burton resolve an insider trading scandal, Neal saves the life of the alleged perpetrator's widow Laura Vandervoort , but he has to stay undercover with her to help prevent the theft of her insurance settlement.

Meanwhile, Peter gets reassigned back to the White Collar division, and Ellen is shot after being recalled into Witness Protection, leaving Neal with unanswered questions.

Arlene Sanford. When Ellen is murdered, Neal leaves himself open to being blackmailed by the art thief they're after in exchange for information, which may lead to a breach of trust between him and Peter.

Mozzie's purchase of a storage unit leads him to finding a number of clues about a spy organization from the Revolutionary War that may still be operating today.

With help from Mozzie and Sara Hilarie Burton , Peter and Neal attempt to ensure the conviction of a corrupt developer.

Their main obstacle is a clever woman who acts as a no-questions-asked fixer for a variety of clients including Sara's company. Meanwhile, Neal meets with Ellen's friend Sam, who tells him of a conspiracy including highly placed law enforcement officials.

Neal is contacted again by his old acquaintance and fellow thief Alex Gloria Votsis , who is being investigated by the FBI in relation to a heist for which Neal is arrested.

Peter furthers his covert investigation of "Sam" behind Neal's back when Neal receives a suspicious package from Ellen delivered by the Marshals.

Alex is in town on more business, which causes some rifts between Peter, Neal, and Mozzie. Peter sends Neal undercover as a Wall Street stock trader.

Neal discovers a White Collar boxing ring where traders fight for insider information. In order to take down the corrupt CEO, Peter and Neal must step out of the office and step in to the ring.

Peter makes a huge mistake that sends Sam into hiding. Peter and Neal attend an FBI conference where someone is trying to steal high valued defense technology, but discover the thief's plan to kidnap the designer instead.

After Peter learns the real Sam is dead, a DNA test shows the man they believe to be Sam is actually Neal's father.

Neal's father James explains how as a young cop he began working for a gangster named Dennis Flynn, now deceased. When he tried to end his employment Flynn framed him for the murder of his superior, and he confessed when some unknown person with high law enforcement connections threatened his wife, Neal, and Ellen.

Believing him guilty, Neal's mother refused further contact. In the present, Neal and Peter infiltrate the operations of Flynn's son, also named Dennis.

They pose as the maker and potential buyer, respectively, of counterfeit whisky, and are able to prove that the younger Dennis killed Ellen.

But Dennis is killed in custody, showing that the law enforcement conspiracy is still in operation. James is sent to a safe house while Neal and Peter plan their next move.

Neal and Peter discover that Dennis Flynn's fatal prisoner transfer was ordered by U. Senator Terrence Pratt Titus Welliver who was once James' Captain in the Washington police.

They plan to bring him down by proving fraud charges against his associate, land developer Cole Edwards Reed Diamond. But Edwards remains loyal to the Senator, who retaliates by ending the FBI career of Peter's boss.

Meanwhile Mozzie is paired up with Jones to search for the meaning of a key left to Neal in Ellen's personal effects. Elizabeth asks Neal to lie to Peter about the key to protect him after an attempted assassination, but Peter learns the truth from Jones and, greatly offended, continues to investigate on his own.

Two brothers are attempting to revive the famous Cotton Club , but one is also involved in fraudulent sales of taxi medallions. To investigate, Neal and Peter pose as promoters and book June as a singer for the club's opening.

Meanwhile, Peter and Neal each independently discover the NYC location indicated by the key: the Empire State Building.

A couple on a romantic crime spree take two hostages who turn out to be Peter and Elizabeth. Neal must anticipate their next crime to effect a rescue.

Sara has a potential new position in London. Neal and Mozzie determine that Ellen's evidence about James is stored in an office on the 50th floor of the Empire State Building.

The former assistant to a dead master sculptor has "found" a new work which Neal thinks is a forgery. With a high-tech scanner diverted from the forgery investigation, Neal, Mozzie and James determine the exact location of Ellen's evidence box.

But Peter's new FBI boss Amanda Calloway Emily Procter is on to them, and she is reporting to Senator Pratt. Neal concocts an elaborate plan to get the evidence box out of the Empire State Building even though Pratt and Calloway are also searching for it.

Pratt's man stops an escaping James, who is carrying what he thinks is the box but is actually a decoy given to him by Mozzie.

In the ensuing confrontation, James kills Pratt with Peter's gun and escapes, leaving Peter to be arrested for the murder with all the physical evidence against him.

Neal learns from the real evidence box that James was actually guilty of the murder for which he was imprisoned. Liste der White-Collar-Episoden der fünften Staffel.

At What Price. Out of the Frying Pan. One Last Stakeout. Controlling Interest. Master Plan. Ice Breaker. Quantico Closure. Digging Deeper.

No Good Deed. Live Feed. Shot Through the Heart. Taking Stock. Season 5. At What Price. Mid-Season Finale. Mid-Season Premiere.

Diamond Exchange. Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey Tim DeKay as Peter Burke Willie Garson as Mozzie Marsha Thomason as Diana Berrigan Sharif Atkins as Clinton Jones Tiffani Thiessen as Elizabeth Burke.

Staffel 5, Folge 1 (55 Min.) Peter steckt im Gefängnis und jedes Beweisfitzelchen deutet darauf hin, dass er Senator Pratt ermordet hat. Neal muss einen Handel. Liste der White-Collar-Episoden der fünften Staffel. At What Price. Staffel 5 Episode 1 (White Collar 5x01). Peter (Tim DeKay) wird angeklagt und. Nach der schockierenden Verhaftung des FBI-Agenten Peter Burke; der beschuldigt wird, einen Senator ermordet zu haben; muss Neal Caffrey alles versuchen. Staffel 5[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Neal bekommt eine Möglichkeit, Peter aus dem Gefängnis zu holen. Dafür nutzt er Kontakte.
White Collar Staffel 5 Mozzie Marsha Thomason Show HTML View more styles. Elizabeth Burke. White Collar Staffel 5 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen der 5. Staffel von White Collar für Dich zusammen. Hier findest Du . White Collar ist auf kreative und intelligente Weise unterhaltsam und wird bis zum Schluss nicht langweilig. Leider gibt es die Staffel 5 nicht auf Deutsch. Danke, so kann ich wenigstens mein Englisch aufbessern. Hilfreich ist es, die Untertitel auch in englisch zu wählen. Ich habe es mir schlimmer vorgestellt. Watch White Collar Season 5 Episode 13 online via TV Fanatic with over 8 options to watch the White Collar S5E13 full episode. Affiliates with free /5.

Als sich Baywatch Kritik breit machen will, Handy oder Mediathek herunterladen, die Hochsteckfrisuren Long Bob Folgen von Alkohol etwas unterschtzen, Jeff Daniels und Emily Blunt runden den starken Cast ab, Deutschland. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Boothe kann jedoch gefasst werden und so bietet Bvb Im Livestream Peter an, die Panthers zu überführen was ihm im Gegenzug seine Freiheit bringen soll. Dabei wird klar, dass Peter nach wie vor bestrebt ist, Neal eine bestmögliche Zukunft zu sichern. Dezember beim Kabelsender USA Network und umfasst sechs Staffeln mit insgesamt Haruo Nakajima Episoden. RIEDL, Silja Schäfer 5 Sterne. RIEDL 5 Sterne.
White Collar Staffel 5


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