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T-Rex Band

So entstand seine erste eigene Band mit dem ausgefallenen Namen „​Tyrannosaurus Rex“! Marc Bolan hatte schon immer einen ausgeprägten. Initially a British folk-rock combo called Tyrannosaurus Rex, T. Rex was the primary force in glam rock, thanks to the creative direction of guitarist/vocalist Marc Bolan (born Mark Feld). T. Rex war eine populäre britische Rockband, die unter dem Namen Tyrannosaurus Rex von Marc Bolan (Vocals, Gitarre).

Marc Bolan

Initially a British folk-rock combo called Tyrannosaurus Rex, T. Rex was the primary force in glam rock, thanks to the creative direction of guitarist/vocalist Marc Bolan (born Mark Feld). Rex moniker, this self-titled affair was the band's final album as a duo before expanding to a quartet and becoming one of the biggest bands in the UK. Polydor. Der britische Sänger, Gitarrist und Frontmann der Rock-Band T. Rex hatte nie seinen Führerschein gemacht, aus Angst vor einem Unfalltod.

T-Rex Band Inhaltsverzeichnis Video

T. REX - Cosmic Dancer

T-Rex Band
T-Rex Band
T-Rex Band

In der T-Rex Band von T-Rex Band. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Classic Rock Megalist von eeeben. My People Were Fair and Had Sky in Their Hair Marc Bolan Www.Brisant.De Finn Steve Currie Bill Legend Steve Peregrin Took Gloria Jones Jack Green Paul Fenton Davy Lutton Dino Dines Miller Anderson Herbie Flowers Tony Newman. Drinking Kathrin Ackermann Out In Love. Retrieved 16 November T. Rex were an English rock band fronted by guitarist, singer and songwriter Marc Bolan. Formed as Tyrannosaurus Rex in the s London, the folk rock group. T. Rex were a British rock band, formed in London in by singer/songwriter and guitarist Marc Bolan. The band began as a psychedelic folk-rock combo called Tyrannosaurus Rex, a name that was later shortened to T. Rex. Electric Warrior is a album by Marc Bolan's band T. Rex, their sixth since their debut as Tyrannosaurus Rex in , and their second under the name T. Rex. The album marked a turning point in the band's sound, moving away from the folk -oriented music of the group's previous albums and pioneering a flamboyant, pop-friendly take on electric rock & roll known as glam rock. Initially a British folk-rock combo called Tyrannosaurus Rex, T. Rex was the primary force in glam rock, thanks to the creative direction of guitarist/vocalist Marc Bolan (born Mark Feld). T. Gradually transforming from a psychedelic freak-folk outfit (then known as Tyrannosaurs Rex) to a trend-setting glam rock band specializing in durable pop songs drenched in a boogie swagger, T.

Bevor Sie es wissen, knnen Kkjste T-Rex Band Serien und Filme kkite Vox Date finden und kostenlos streamen. - Never Forget Der 90er-Podcast

Da den neuen Bandmitgliedern nicht viel Zeit blieb, um sich auf Movie-To ersten gemeinsamen Gig, geplant am T. Rex war eine populäre britische Rockband, die unter dem Namen Tyrannosaurus Rex von Marc Bolan und Steve Peregrin Took in London gegründet wurde und hauptsächlich Psychedelic Folk spielte. benannte sich die Band in T. Rex um und. T. Rex war eine populäre britische Rockband, die unter dem Namen Tyrannosaurus Rex von Marc Bolan (Vocals, Gitarre). Bekannt wurde er mit seiner Band T. Rex als einer der Erfinder und Protagonisten des Glam Rocks. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Leben. Anfang der 70er Jahre befindet sich England im T. Rex-Rausch und eine Welle der "Rextasy" wogt über die britischen Inseln hinweg. Zu verdanken ist dies dem​.
T-Rex Band

The most iconic band of the U. For a couple years, T. Rex were the biggest band in England and a potent cult item in the United States.

If their stardom didn't last, their influence did, and T. Rex 's dirty but playful attitude and Bolan 's sense of style and rock star moves would show their influence in metal, punk, new wave, and alternative rock; it's all but impossible to imagine the '80s new romantic scene existing without Bolan 's influence.

Marc Bolan was born Mark Feld on September 30, in Stoke Newington, London, England. The youngster seemed cut out for a career in showbiz nearly from the start; he started playing guitar at the age of nine when he and some friends formed a skiffle band, and he made his professional acting debut in , playing a minor role on the children's television series Orlando.

After a brief run as a child model, Bolan his stage name a contraction of Bob Dylan dove into music, and released his first single, "The Wizard," in November , shortly after he signed a deal with Decca Records.

After cutting a few more unsuccessful singles, which found Bolan moving into a direction clearly inspired by Dylan and Donovan , Simon Napier-Bell took over as his manager, and in Bolan became a member of the notorious psychedelic band John's Children.

While he was in John's Children long enough to write and sing lead on their single "Desdemona" and tour Europe as the Who 's opening act, Bolan left the group after a mere four months, and quickly began writing songs for his next project.

Before was out, Bolan had launched his new group, Tyrannosaurus Rex , with a show at London's Electric Garden. However, Bolan booked the gig before he finalized the band's lineup; legend has it he was still auditioning musicians the day of the show, and by all reports the debut was disastrous.

Abandoning his original concept of a four-piece band, Bolan reworked Tyrannosaurus Rex into an acoustic duo, with Marc on guitar and vocals and Steve Peregrin Took on percussion.

Bolan 's loopy but engaging lyrical sensibility and Eastern-influenced melodies, coupled with Took 's use of hand drums and unconventional percussion devices, helped to earn the group a loyal following in London's hippie community, and they were championed by the legendary BBC disc jockey John Peel.

The duo scored a deal with Regal Zonophone Records, and their debut album, My People Were Fair and Had Sky in Their Hair But Now They're Content to Wear Stars on Their Brows , was released in July ; the album was produced by Tony Visconti , who would go on to produce nearly all of Bolan 's subsequent work.

Mickey Finn took over as the duo's percussionist, and in they recorded the album A Beard of Stars as well as the single "Ride a White Swan," and both saw the band moving in a new direction, venturing away from the fading U.

Bolan had begun playing electric guitar, giving the songs a bigger and buzzier sound, and Finn 's handclaps and percussion provided a stompdown backbeat that turned Tyrannosaurus Rex from a folk act into a potent if minimal rock band.

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Rex were an English rock band, formed in by singer-songwriter and guitarist Marc Bolan. The band was initially called Tyrannosaurus Rex , and released four psychedelic folk albums under this name.

In , Bolan began to change the band's style towards electric rock, and shortened their name to T.

Rex the following year. This development culminated in with the song " Ride a White Swan ", and the group soon became pioneers of the glam rock movement.

From to , T. Rex encountered a popularity in the UK comparable to that of the Beatles , with a run of eleven singles in the UK top ten.

They scored four UK number one hits, " Hot Love ", " Get It On ", " Telegram Sam " and " Metal Guru ". The band's album Electric Warrior received critical acclaim as a pioneering glam rock album.

It reached number 1 in the UK. The follow-up, The Slider , entered the top 20 in the US. Following the release of " 20th Century Boy " in , which reached number three in the UK, T.

Rex's appeal began to wane, though the band continued releasing one album per year. In , founder, songwriter and sole constant member Bolan died in a car crash several months after the release of the group's final studio album Dandy in the Underworld , and the group disbanded.

Rex have continued to influence a variety of subsequent artists. The band were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Marc Bolan founded Tyrannosaurus Rex in July , following a handful of failed solo singles and a brief career as lead guitarist in psych-rock band John's Children.

After a solitary disastrous performance as a four-piece electric rock band on 22 July at the Electric Garden in London's Covent Garden alongside drummer Steve Porter plus two older musicians: guitarist Ben Cartland and an unknown bassist, the group immediately broke up.

Inspired by an influential performance by Ravi Shankar whom Bolan had seen while touring West Germany with John's Children, the band adopted a stage manner resembling the performance of traditional Indian music.

BBC Radio One Disc jockey John Peel championed the band early in their recording career. Another key collaborator was producer Tony Visconti , who went on to produce the band's albums well into their second, glam rock phase.

During —, Tyrannosaurus Rex had become a modest success on radio and on record, and they released three albums, the third of which, Unicorn , came within striking distance of the UK Top 10 Albums.

While Bolan's early solo material was rock and roll -influenced pop music, by now he was writing dramatic and baroque songs with lush melodies and surreal lyrics filled with Greek and Persian mythology as well as poetic creations of his own.

The band became regulars on Peel Sessions on BBC radio, and toured Britain's student union halls.

By there was a rift developing between the two halves of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Bolan and his girlfriend June Child were living a quiet life, Bolan working on his book of poetry entitled The Warlock of Love and concentrating on his songs and performance skills.

Took, however, had fully embraced the anti-commercial, drug -taking ethos of the UK Underground scene centred around Ladbroke Grove.

In response to Bolan's rebuff, Took contributed two songs as well as vocals and percussion to Twink 's Think Pink album.

Bolan's relationship with Took ended after this, although they were contractually obliged to go through with a US tour which was doomed before it began.

Poorly promoted and planned, the acoustic duo were overshadowed by the loud electric acts they were billed with. To counter this, Took drew from the shock rock style of Iggy Pop ; Took explained, "I took my shirt off in the Sunset Strip where we were playing and whipped myself till everybody shut up.

With a belt, y'know, a bit of blood and the whole of Los Angeles shuts up. As soon as Bolan returned to the UK, he replaced Took with percussionist Mickey Finn.

This line up headlined the very first Glastonbury Festival in As well as progressively shorter titles, Tyrannosaurus Rex's albums began to show higher production values, more accessible songwriting from Bolan, and experimentation with electric guitars and a true rock sound.

The group's next album, T. Rex , continued the process of simplification by shortening the name, [13] and completed the move to electric guitars.

The new sound was more pop-oriented, and the first single, " Ride a White Swan " released in October made the Top 10 in the UK by late November and reached number two in January In early , T.

Rex reached the top 20 of the UK Albums Chart. A full band, which featured bassist Steve Currie and drummer Bill Legend , was formed to tour to growing audiences, as teenagers began replacing the hippies of old.

After Bolan's display, glam rock would gain popularity in the UK and Europe during — Rex's move to electric guitars coincided with Bolan's more overtly sexual lyrical style and image.

The group's new image and sound outraged some of Bolan's older hippie fans, who branded him a " sell-out ". Some of the lyrical content of Tyrannosaurus Rex remained, but the poetic, surrealistic lyrics were now interspersed with sensuous grooves, orgiastic moans and innuendo.

In September , T. Rex released their second album Electric Warrior , which featured Currie and Legend.

Often considered to be their best album, the chart-topping Electric Warrior brought much commercial success to the group; publicist BP Fallon coined the term "T.

Rextasy" as a parallel to Beatlemania to describe the group's popularity. Rex's best-known song, " Get It On ", which hit number one in the UK.

In January it became a top ten hit in the US, where the song was retitled "Bang a Gong Get It On " to distinguish it from a song by the group Chase.

Along with several Sweet hits, "Get It On" was among the few British glam rock songs that were successful in the US. Soon after, Bolan left Fly Records ; after his contract had lapsed, the label released the album track " Jeepster " as a single without his permission.

Bolan went to EMI , where he was given his own record label in the UK—T. Rex Records, the "T. Rex Wax Co. On 18 March , T.

Rex played two shows at the Empire Pool, Wembley , which were filmed by Ringo Starr and his crew for Apple Films.

A large part of the second show was included on Bolan's own rock film Born to Boogie , while bits and pieces of the first show can be seen throughout the film's end-credits.

Along with T. Rex and Starr, Born to Boogie also features Elton John , who jammed with the friends to create rocking studio versions of " Children of the Revolution " and " Tutti Frutti ".

Rex's third album The Slider was released in July The band's most successful album in the US, The Slider was not as successful as its predecessor in the UK, where it peaked at number four.

Two singles from The Slider , " Telegram Sam " and " Metal Guru ", became number one hits in the UK.

UK 7 23 Wo. Sort Title, A-Z Title, Z-A Label, A-Z Label, Z-A Year, Year, Show 25 50 Idp.Ares.Generic. Bush sings the Nymphonamie "Bolan and moony are heading the show tonight". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sensing it was Spielkinder for a change of direction, Bolan began expanding his horizons in August Edsel Records. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Im September lud die Tributeband T. The duo landed a record deal with a subsidiary of EMI in Februaryrecording their debut Cineplex Erding with producer Tony T-Rex Band. Dafür sagte ihm Bolan die Mithilfe an einem Soloalbum zu. Rex con la formazione originale con Tony Visconti come produttore. Ein Song aus diesen Sessions, Children of the Revolutionwurde neu aufgenommen und im September als Single veröffentlicht.
T-Rex Band 12/5/ · Originally formed as the psychedelic folk project Tyrannosaurus Rex, they released four albums under the name before switching to T. Rex and releasing eight studio albums. T. Rex Author: Lizzie Manno. A mesmerizing ballad on the band's masterpiece Electric Warrior, "Cosmic Dancer" provides a transitional link between the psychedelic folk of Tyrannosaurus Rex and the seductive glam of T. . 11/2/ · I T. Rex (a volte anche scritto come T Rex o T-Rex), noti fino al con il nome di Tyrannosaurus Rex, sono stati un gruppo rock britannico fondato a Londra nel da Marc Bolan. È considerato il gruppo che ha dato vita alla corrente del rock denominata glam rock genere poi perfezionato da David band si sciolse definitivamente alla morte del suo . Damals war ich 20 und nun ist das schon so viele Jahrzehnte her, aber es war eine schöne Zeit. UK 12 3 Wo. Ich fühle mich ihm Nord Nord Mord Drehorte so nahe. EUR 6,


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