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berlassen Sie nichts dem Zufall. Als Algren Japan erreicht bemerkt er, dass Jonas sie nicht verdient hat und macht Jonas eine klare Ansage.

Alex Hunter White Collar

More ideas. Neal and Alex from white white Collar. I don't know rather I like. Neal and Alex White Collar. Gloria Votsis on location for "White Collar" on the streets. Alex Hunter ist eine junge, attraktive Frau, die als Taschendiebin auf der Straße und als Hehlerin arbeitet. Neal Caffrey kennt sie von früher, da er, bevor er ins. Alte Geschichte: Die berühmt berüchtigte Kunstdiebin Alexandra Hunter ist Als Neal die attraktive Alex in ihrem Apartment besuchen geht, stößt er dort.

Cast White Collar S02

- Gloria Votsis (Alex Hunter) with Matt Bomer on set of White Collar - Ancient History, after the wrap. (NYC, 05/31/12). Im Austausch will er eine Spieldose, die Neal schließlich mit Hilfe von Alex Hunter, einer ebenfalls international agierenden Kunstdiebin, stiehlt. Am Ende der. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 2 von White Collar: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Alex Hunter Gloria Votsis. Episoden: 3.

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White Collar 4x08 Neal, Alex, Mozzie Pull a Hellerman Heist Part 1

Later, she arrived at Neal's apartment to ask if the Netzwerk Zeitüberschreitung really is off her back. More To Explore Search on Amazon. Later, he set up a trap to catch Matthew after realizing that handing over the treasure won't change a thing. Do you have a demo reel? Views Read Edit View history. Mar 29, - That braid! Gloria Votsis as Alex Hunter in White Collar - Ancient History. Alex Hunter; Mozzie (White Collar) Old Friends; Alex as she usually is; There is a reason why Alex keeps coming back up; EU; Paris - Freeform; What happens after Fin; Summary. Alex just knows things. Everything makes it back to her sooner or later. It's impossible to be a high end Fence and miss much. Gloria Votsis (born February 9, ) is an American film and television actress. She is known for her roles in several television series such as Hawaii Five-0, The Gates, CSI: Miami, Person of Interest, and Suburgatory. She also had a recurring role as Alex Hunter on the USA drama series White Collar. Gloria Votsis, Actress: Person of Interest. Gloria Votsis was born on February 9, in Pittsford, New York, USA. She is an actress, known for Person of Interest (), The Gates () and White Collar (). She has been married to Scott Davis since September 5, Gloria Votsis plays Alexandra Hunter, a fence Neal has worked with before, in White Collar. Scrubs Seattle Firefighters Sex and the City. Mike Philip J. Erstausstrahlung in Deutschland RTL bis 2. Gary Jennings David Alan Basche Episode : 2. Alex Hunter ist eine junge, attraktive Frau, die als Taschendiebin auf der Straße und als Hehlerin arbeitet. Neal Caffrey kennt sie von früher, da er, bevor er ins. Alexandra Hunter, genannt Alex, ist eine Hehlerin und alte Freundin von Neal. Neal und Alex. Sie spielte die Alexandra „Alex“ Hunter in der Fernsehserie White Collar. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Leben; 2 Filmografie. Im Austausch will er eine Spieldose, die Neal schließlich mit Hilfe von Alex Hunter, einer ebenfalls international agierenden Kunstdiebin, stiehlt. Am Ende der.
Alex Hunter White Collar Gloria Votsis, Actress: Person of Interest. Gloria Votsis was born on February 9, in Pittsford, New York, USA. She is an actress, known for Person of Interest (), The Gates () and White Collar (). She has been married to Scott Davis since September 5, Occupation: Actress. 3/9/ · Directed by Kevin Bray. With Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay, Willie Garson, Natalie Morales. Alex Hunter finally teams up with Neil to steal the music-box, which she located in the Italian consul's safe, doubtlessly obtained illegally. Pete smells a rat but is kept at a distance, as the plan requires entering a witness protection relocation to Canada, arranged by dirty agent Garrett /10(). Mar 29, - That braid! Gloria Votsis as Alex Hunter in White Collar - Ancient History.

Alex Hunter White Collar sich das US bzw. - Weitere Charaktere aus "White Collar"

Da er wegen seiner Verstrickung in verschiedene Kunstdiebstähle auf längere Zeit im Gefängnis bleiben müsste, verlässt ihn seine Freundin Kate Moreau.

Medical Examiner 1 episode, Salvation Army Clerk 1 episode, Young Agent 1 episode, Aimes' Bodyguard 1 episode, Tennis Security Guard 1 episode, Leo 1 episode, Cado 1 episode, Pedro 1 episode, Paramedic 1 episode, Frankie 1 episode, Art Student 1 episode, Medical Examiner Assistant 1 episode, Model 1 episode, Rich Man 1 episode, Bruno 1 episode, Businessman 1 episode, Tourist 1 episode, FBI Technician 1 episode, Young Jefferies 1 episode, FBI Agent 3 1 episode, Bobby 1 episode, Kenny 1 episode, Motel Clerk 1 episode, FBI Agent Sam 1 episode, Customs Official 1 episode, Wall Street Accountant 1 episode, News Intern 1 episode, Chinese Food Thug 1 episode, Allison 1 episode, Fake Neil 1 episode, Jewelry Show Participant 1 episode, Dawn Braunstein 1 episode, Kelly 1 episode, Rodrigo Haberdasher 1 episode, Referee 1 episode, Paul 1 episode, Enrico Morales 1 episode, Bob Sanders 1 episode, Anderson Accomplice 1 1 episode, Symphony Security Guard 1 episode, Street Musician 1 episode, Minister of Finance 1 episode, Jane 1 episode, Symphony Guest 1 episode, Dunham's Crew 1 episode, Tai Chi Pupil 1 episode, Socialite 1 episode, Dunham's Boxing Crony 1 episode, Local with Knife 1 episode, Anderson Accomplice 2 1 episode, Dawn Jaffe 1 episode, Security Guard 1 1 episode, Duran 1 episode, Teen Tourist 1 episode, Smitty 1 episode, Rob Barnette 1 episode, Sim 1 episode, Travel Agent 1 episode, Probie 1 episode, Gannon 1 episode, Art Model 1 episode, Plainclothes 1 episode, ERT 1 episode, FBI Agent uncredited unknown episodes.

FBI Agent Wheeler uncredited unknown episodes. Mark Costa uncredited unknown episodes. Warehouse Thug uncredited unknown episodes. Security Guard uncredited unknown episodes.

FBI CSU Officer uncredited unknown episodes. Casino Armcandy uncredited unknown episodes. Customs Officer uncredited unknown episodes. Ralph uncredited unknown episodes.

Weird Guy in Lobby uncredited unknown episodes. Prison Escort Officer 1 uncredited unknown episodes. Bodyguard uncredited unknown episodes. Stockbroker uncredited unknown episodes.

Escort uncredited unknown episodes. Pianist uncredited unknown episodes. Search Warrant Detective uncredited unknown episodes. Enemy uncredited unknown episodes.

Self uncredited unknown episodes. Car Dealer uncredited unknown episodes. Maskhadov Thug uncredited unknown episodes. Featured Girl uncredited unknown episodes.

Senior Campaign manager uncredited unknown episodes. Young Stockbroker uncredited unknown episodes. Girl in the Park uncredited unknown episodes.

Linda uncredited unknown episodes. Downtown Businessman uncredited unknown episodes. Businesswoman uncredited unknown episodes. Patron uncredited unknown episodes.

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Download as PDF Printable version. The Philanthropist. White Collar. People of the Century. Favourite Beautiful Actresses.

Do you have a demo reel? Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen? How much of Gloria Votsis's work have you seen?

User Polls Great Greeks! Known For. Person of Interest Maxine Angelis. Neal compliments her flower, and Alex tells him she 'learned from the best.

Alex is swimming in a pool when Neal shows up. She invites him into the pool, telling him that while she knows he's wearing the anklet, she's not sure if he's wired.

Once Neal is in the pool, he asks where the music box is located. Alex reminds him that they're getting it together, then tells him it's in the Italian Consulate.

The Consulate General put it in his private safe the year before and was flying in the next month to pick it up.

Neal tells her that the consulate is a hard target, and Alex informs him that they were hosting a party in a week. Neal is willing to go but asks what would happen if the Consulate General discovered the box was gone.

Alex points out that since the Nazis stole the music box from the Russians, the Consulate General wasn't supposed to have it in the first place and could therefore not report the robbery.

Neal then changes the topic, telling her that while he knows why he's naked, he's curious to know why she is too. While planning the heist at Neal's apartment, Alex deliberately withholds which vault the box is in to ensure that Neal doesn't steal it without her.

She does, however, tell him that the vault is high-security and torch-resistant, and Mozzie tells them they'll need heavy metal to get through the fire-resistant plate.

Neal tells him they'll think of the details later and worry about party invitations first. Alex tells them that she's already looked at the list and is leaning towards Ignacious Barten.

When Neal asks 'why him? Peter walks in then, and Alex and Mozzie take their leave. Alex enters Neal's apartment while he's working on a sculpture, and Neal asks how her date went.

She expresses her awe at the 'kinds of places a duke gets access to,' and Neal points out that she was supposed to be getting a spot as the Duke's plus one.

Alex counters that she's just having a little fun while she's at it. She then gives Neal a "Wow" comment for his 'gift to the Italians,' and Neal tells her it's Fancelli's study, the Statue of Divo Cano.

Alex looks at the photos Neal has, then looks at the statue Neal has made, telling him 'it's beautiful' and that it 'looks like the real thing.

Alex tells him she won't be fooled, then changes the subject to Neal's anklet. Neal assures her that he'll get it off, and offers her a glass of wine.

When the statue is done, Neal and Alex are relaxing on his couch and reminiscing about the last time they were 'this close to getting the box. Alex reveals that she has a scar on her arm, received when she jumped off a gatehouse.

Neal guiltily comments that it 'healed nicely. Alex is just revealing that she knows that Neal is going after the box because of Kate when Neal's tracking anklet is deactivated.

Alex arrives at the consulate as Duke Barten's date and finds Neal at the bar. Neal signals to her that the keycard they need is in the manager's right pocket, and she swipes it from him when Mozzie creates a distraction.

She passes the keycard to Neal and wishes him luck, moving to return to the duke with a few drinks when Neal stops her and asks which safe the box is in.

She tells him it's a triple-walled case-hardened steel, McKinsey safe. Neal notes that it wasn't easy in, and Alex comments that it's more fun that way.

She then returns to her date and watches Neal make a spectacle of himself in order to get caught. While Neal was being led off into the inner sanctum of the consulate, Alex planted timed smoke bombs disguised as lipsticks and left.

After Neal retrieves the music box, she tricks him into letting her through the hallway, swipes the keycard from him, and takes the bag containing the music box, locking Neal in the hallway.

She slips the card through the grates though, so that he can escape after she's gone. It sounds very much like the gimmicky "case per week" show that we are used to and in a way it is that.

Of course these shows need a background thing to keep the viewer beyond this and, in this case it is Neal's hunt for his ex and the wider mystery that comes with that.

As one would expect it is all bundled together in a very slick package that never stops reminding you that it is in New York and that everything goes "swoosh" and "zam" in multiple slick camera cuts every five or so minutes.

On the face of it the show should be really slick and easy to enjoy on a weekly basis while the bigger mystery acts as a regular reminder that there is a reason to stick with it — so does it manage to do it?

Well the answer is "sort of" because season 1 of White Collar feels like it is not too far short of the mark in what it is trying to do but yet somehow is just lacking a consistent spark to a lot of what it does, limiting it and keeping it serviceable as a show but not as much of anything that it should be.

The weekly plots are the first area where the spark fades because too many of them feel forced. I thought several times during the season that some of the plots were really crowbarred in out of nowhere and this is not a good sign — if your concept cannot produce plots without utilising family members or some other weak device to get them started then the outlook is not good.

Once the plots get moving then the slick delivery and quite fun development of each one is engaging enough but few of them really spark.

This leaves the bigger mystery. Now this works better than I thought it would because it is not something that is only rolled out to close a season or boost ratings but rather is in each episode.

It doesn't totally work though because, as it does in the pilot, it puts a lot of "seriousness" into it that emotionally it cannot justify and, while the various twists maybe hold the interest and make for some good episodes, it is easy to watch it without really caring all that much — which does rather rob it of thrills and prevents it engaging as it should.

And it does need these thrills and a sense of fun to make it reach its full potential but it just doesn't hit that mark with any sort of consistency.

Neal meets Rebecca when he investigates the museum. She is later fired from the museum and believes that Neal is an FBI agent because of a con that Neal, Mozzie, and Neal's landlord set up to get more information about why the book chapter information is so valuable.

Neal is fortunate that Peter thinks that Neal was only lying to Rebecca about his true job at the FBI to date her and does not know about the book when Peter crashes Neal and Rebecca's date.

Neal later tells Rebecca the truth about him consulting on cases and why he needed the information and Rebecca locks the door and they proceed to have sex.

Rebecca helps with the glass pane scheme in the mid-season finale. It is later discovered that she did professional recon on Peter, Elizabeth, Neal, David Siegel, and the rest of the White Collar unit.

She also set up Hagen and killed him and Siegel. In the season six premiere, she helps the FBI and Peter to find Neal when he is kidnapped by her partner.

After a brief conversation with Neal, she is escorted by the US Marshals back to maximum security, but decides to get herself killed by reaching for a gun on her way to the car.

June Ellington Diahann Carroll is a widow who allows Neal to stay in her home. Her husband, Byron, was a conman as well. June has a granddaughter named Cindy and a niece named Samantha.

June first met Neal while in a thrift store when she offered him a room in her luxurious home where he stays throughout the series.

She becomes both a trusted friend and an integral part of many cases, both asking for and offering help appearing in 27 episodes.

In the episode "Power Play", she helps teach Peter how to be a thief. Kate Moreau Alexandra Daddario was Neal's girlfriend. Her disappearance and murder were the primary story arc throughout the first and second seasons.

Kate first met Neal while working for Vincent Adler. She began a relationship with Neal, who she believed was Nick Halden. Adler pulled a billion dollar Ponzi scheme and vanished, along with a lot of people's—including Neal and Kate's—money.

Kate is later killed in a plane explosion, leaving Neal depressed and angry. It is later revealed that Vincent Adler was responsible for Kate's murder.

Matthew Keller Ross McCall is Neal's blue-collar counterpart and nemesis. Unlike Neal, he is willing to murder to make a score.

At the end of "Countdown" he kidnaps Elizabeth to force Peter to help him steal the submarine treasure from Neal, making things personal between Peter and him.

In "Checkmate" Keller says that Elizabeth will be returned to Peter if he, Neal, and Mozzie help him steal the treasure. During this episode, it is revealed that Neal and Keller used to be close friends.

Keller even seems somewhat upset that Neal doesn't seem to want to remember the "good old days". Special Agent in Charge Reese Hughes James Rebhorn is an experienced agent in the FBI's white collar crime unit, and is Peter and Neal's direct superior.

Hughes is supportive of Peter's use of Neal, but is at first skeptical of the former conman, believing that he will eventually return to his criminal ways.

However, as time passes, he begins to see Neal's value. Former Special Agent Garrett Fowler Noah Emmerich is a disgraced agent from the Office of Professional Responsibility.

He was once suspected to be the man behind Kate's death.

Over the first seasonPeter warns Neal, on various occasions, not to investigate Kate's disappearance, as it could cause him to slip back into his criminal ways. Morgan Holt. Beautiful Girl 1 episode, When Neal asks again what he can do, Alex reveals that she's been selling Krugerrands incrementally so that she could use the money to disappear, and that Mozzie hooked her up with The Salvation Smith, an old friend of his from Detroit who deals with Krugerrands. Alex Nuhr Mal So him that's a fair point, and then cajoles him into buying her a drink when he asks what she wants from him. Season 3. Rita Campos 1 episode, Joshua 1 episode, Bodyguard uncredited unknown episodes. Hector 2 episodes, Neal thanks her, but suspects that she didn't come to New York just to tell him about her findings. Bouncer 1 episode, Katzen Anime the age of 17, she studied abroad for her senior year Claymore Staffel 2 high school in France.


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