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Jean Paul Getty

John Gilbert Getty, der Enkel des Ölmagnaten J. Paul Getty, ist gestorben. Er wurde 52 Jahre alt. Seine Familie bestätigte den Tod des. John Paul Getty III. (* 4. November in Los Angeles; † 5. Februar in Stokenchurch, Vereinigtes Königreich) war ein Sohn des US-amerikanischen. Er war einer der Erben des Getty-Vermögens, nun ist John Gilbert Getty tot. Der Jährige wurde leblos in einem Hotelzimmer gefunden.

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Er galt als der unglücklichste Milliardär der Welt: John Paul Getty III. Gettys Großvater, der Ölmagnat J. Paul Getty, galt damals als reichster Mann der Welt. John Gilbert Getty, ein Enkel des US-amerikanischen Öl-Tycoons Jean Paul Getty, wurde mit nur 52 Jahren tot in einem Hotelzimmer. John Gilbert Getty, der Enkel des Ölmagnaten J. Paul Getty, ist gestorben. Er wurde 52 Jahre alt. Seine Familie bestätigte den Tod des.

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Harper Collins. Archived from the original on August 13, Archived from the original on December 21, John Paul Getty III died in at the age of 54 from illnesses resulting from Fritz Box 7490 Auf Werkseinstellung Zurücksetzen Ohne Zugriff stroke.

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Jean Paul Getty
Jean Paul Getty 2/8/ · J. Paul Getty III, who was a grandson of the oil baron once believed to be the richest man in the world and who achieved tragic notoriety in when he was kidnapped by Italian gangsters, died. 11/9/ · John Paul Getty III’s Early Life. Getty Jr.’s first wife, Gail Harris, was a water polo champion, and with her, he had his eldest son, J. Paul Getty III. From a young age, John Paul Getty III was something of an embarrassment for the Gabe Paoletti. Jean Paul Getty (Minneapolis, Minnesota, prosinca - Guildford, Surrey, 6. lipnja ), američki industrijalac, naftni magnat. Milijarder je postao već u svojoj godini. Investicijama u industriju nafte i oko drugih koncerna zgrnuo je bogatstvo koje se procjenjuje na 2 do 4 milijarde dolara.. Getty je bio osobenjak. Ženio se pet puta, a posljednjih 25 godina živio je.

Nicht nur die Filme aus den 90ern lassen uns nostalgisch werden, der Jean Paul Getty in der Hand liegt. - John Gilbert Getty hinterlässt Tochter Ivy

Am Getty was left with one-third of the stock from George Getty Inc. Paul Getty Museum: Handbook of the Collections. Getty VillaPacific PalisadesCalifornia. Wikimedia Commons. This time, Donald Sutherland took on the role of the reluctant tycoon, with Hilary Swank as Gail Harris, Harris Dickinson as the troubled heir and Brendan Fraser as Chase. Paul Getty's Ex-Wife Teddy Getty Gaston Dies at ". Psychology Today. Paul Getty, richest man in the world. If I pay one penny, I'll have 14 kidnapped grandchildren. February 7, Getty owned the controlling Serie A Standings in about businesses, including Getty Oil.

Öljyalalla toimineeseen perheeseen syntynyt Getty oli yksi varhaisimmista miljardin Yhdysvaltain dollarin omaisuuden keränneistä ihmisistä. Getty keräsi taidetta ja antiikkia ja hänen kokoelmansa muodostavat Los Angelesissa sijaitsevan J.

Paul Getty Museumin pohjan. Hänen pojanpoikansa oli John Paul Getty III , joka siepattiin Roomassa ja ajautui sen jälkeen huumeidenkäyttäjäksi ja halvaantui vuotiaana huumeiden yliannostuksen seurauksena.

Wikimedia Commonsissa on kuvia tai muita tiedostoja aiheesta Getty Center. In , Getty graduated from Oxford with a degree in political science and economics.

Following graduation, Getty returned to the United States and began working as a wildcatter, buying and selling oil leases in Oklahoma.

By , Getty had made his first million dollars from a successful well, and he teamed with his father to incorporate the Getty Oil Company.

With his new fortune, he briefly retired to a life of leisure in Los Angeles, before returning to the oil business in Throughout the s, Getty and his father continued to amass wealth through drilling and lease brokering.

In his new position, Getty set out to restructure and expand the company into a self-sufficient business—one that did everything from drilling to refining to transporting and selling oil.

Following World War II, Getty also took a risk by investing millions in the "Neutral Zone" between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. His gamble paid off in , when oil was struck and began to flow at a rate of 16 million barrels a year.

In , Fortune magazine named Getty the richest man in the world. The frequent subject of tabloids both in the United States and abroad, Getty's personal life was a tumultuous one.

He married and divorced five times: his first marriage to Jeanette Demont in , produced his first child, George Franklin Getty II.

Getty married starlet Ann Rork in , and fathered two more sons, Eugene Paul later John Paul Getty Jr. Getty's fifth and final wife was singer Louise "Teddy" Lynch.

They married in and had one son, Timothy, before their divorce in Additionally, the Getty family found its way into the news due to the misfortunes that fell on his offspring.

Diagnosed with a brain tumor at an early age, Timmy Getty died at age 12 in However, the family suspected a ploy by the rebellious teenager to extract money from his miserly grandfather.

In November , an envelope containing a lock of hair and a human ear arrived at a daily newspaper. The second demand had been delayed three weeks by an Italian postal strike.

The demand stated "This is Paul's ear. If we don't get some money within 10 days, then the other ear will arrive. In other words, he will arrive in little bits.

Getty's grandson was found alive on December 15, , in a Lauria filling station, in the province of Potenza , shortly after the ransom was paid.

After a stroke brought on by a cocktail of drugs and alcohol in , Getty III was rendered speechless, nearly blind and partially paralyzed for the rest of his life.

He died on February 5, , at the age of Getty defended his initial refusal to pay the ransom on two points. He argued that his 13 other grandchildren could also become kidnap targets if he paid, [40] and also stated, "The second reason for my refusal was much broader-based.

I contend that acceding to the demands of criminals and terrorists merely guarantees the continuing increase and spread of lawlessness, violence and such outrages as terror-bombings, "skyjackings" and the slaughter of hostages that plague our present-day world.

Nine of the kidnappers were apprehended, including Girolamo Piromalli and Saverio Mammoliti , high-ranking members of the 'Ndrangheta , a Mafia organization in Calabria.

Most of the ransom money was never recovered. Many anecdotal stories exist of Getty's reputed thriftiness and parsimony, which struck observers as comical, even perverse, because of his extreme wealth.

A darker incident was his fifth wife's claim that Getty had scolded her for spending too much on their terminally ill son's medical treatment, though he was worth tens of millions of dollars at the time.

Author John Pearson attributed part of Getty's extreme penny-pinching to the Methodist sensibility of Getty's upbringing, which emphasized modest living and personal economy.

His business acumen was also a major factor in Getty's thriftiness. Getty famously had a payphone installed at Sutton Place, helping to seal his reputation as a miser.

In his autobiography, he described his reasons:. Now, for months after Sutton Place was purchased, great numbers of people came in and out of the house.

Some were visiting businessmen. Others were artisans or workmen engaged in renovation and refurbishing. Still others were tradesmen making deliveries of merchandise.

Suddenly, the Sutton Place telephone bills began to soar. The reason was obvious. Each of the regular telephones in the house has direct access to outside lines and thus to long-distance and even overseas operators.

All sorts of people were making the best of a rare opportunity. They were picking up Sutton Place phones and placing calls to girlfriends in Geneva or Georgia and to aunts, uncles and third cousins twice-removed in Caracas and Cape Town.

The costs of their friendly chats were, of course, charged to the Sutton Place bill. When speaking in a televised interview with Alan Whicker in February , [52] Getty said that he thought guests would want to use a payphone.

Management and operation of the house settled into a reasonable routine. With that, the pay-telephone [was] removed, and the dial-locks were taken off the telephones in the house.

On June 30, , Getty threw a 21st birthday party for a relative of his friend, the 16th Duke of Norfolk , which served as a housewarming party for the newly purchased Sutton Place.

At about 10 p. Getty remained an inveterate hard worker, boasting at age 74 that he often worked 16 to 18 hours per day overseeing his operations across the world.

Getty's insatiable appetite for sex also continued into his 80s. He used an experimental drug, H3 , to maintain his potency.

From , Kitson resided in a cottage on the grounds of Sutton Place. Getty and Kitson maintained a platonic relationship and Getty held her in high respect and trust.

Other mistresses who resided at Sutton Place included the married Mary Teissier, a distant cousin of the last Tsar of Russia , Lady Ursula d'Abo , who had close connections to the British Royal Family, and Nicaraguan-born Rosabella Burch.

Getty died of heart failure at the age of 83 on June 6, , in Sutton Place near Guildford , Surrey. The gravesite is not open to the public.

The film All the Money in the World , directed by Ridley Scott and adapted from the book Painfully Rich: The Outrageous Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Heirs of J.

Paul Getty by John Pearson , is a dramatization of the abduction of Getty's grandson. The kidnapping is also dramatized in the first season of the American anthology drama series Trust , in which Getty is portrayed by Donald Sutherland.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with John Paul Getty Jr. Minneapolis , Minnesota, U. Sutton Place near Guildford , Surrey, England.

Jeanette Demont. Allene Ashby. Adolphine Helmle. Ann Rork. Archived from the original on February 22, Up and Down with the Rolling Stones: The Inside Story.

Da Capo Press. Paul Getty III Appeared In Has A Controversial History". Retrieved April 3, Vanity Fair. Retrieved April 9, In the Name of Gucci: A Memoir.

Retrieved January 1, April 17, Retrieved March 1, Retrieved April 5, Painfully Rich. Paul Getty III, 54, Dies; Had Ear Cut Off by Captors The New York Times , February 7, In News Today.

Archived from the original on March 20, In Billias, Nancy ed. Promoting and Producing Evil. New York: St. Martin's Press.

All the Money in the World.

Getty war kurz zuvor von einem Londoner Gericht wegen Erregung öffentlichen Ärgernisses im Hyde Park zu e Jean Paul Getty wäre heute Jahre, 1 Monat, 24 Tage oder Thriller 2000 diesen Artikel oder andere Inhalte über soziale Netzwerke zu teilen, brauchen wir deine Zustimmung für The Collector Stream Deutsch Zweck der Datenverarbeitung. Paul Getty Museum Trust [2]die bis heute Träger des Paul Getty Museums ist. J. Paul Getty was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on December 15, In , his father, former attorney George Franklin Getty, founded the Minnehoma Oil Company in Oklahoma. He soon moved his. J. Paul Getty III, who was a grandson of the oil baron once believed to be the richest man in the world and who achieved tragic notoriety in when he was kidnapped by Italian gangsters, died. Jean Paul Getty is popularly remembered as the world’s first billionaire and independent oil producer. Son of an oil merchant, George Getty, young Jean took to business at an early age. He learned the tricks of the trade while working as an unskilled labourer at his father’s oil company. The collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum comprises Greek, Roman, and Etruscan art from the Neolithic to Late Antiquity; European art—including illuminated manuscripts, paintings, drawings, sculpture, and decorative arts—from the Middle Ages to the early twentieth century; and international photography from its inception to the present day. At 3 AM on July 10, , year-old John Paul Getty III was snatched up by members of an Italian organized crime ring called the ‘Ndrangheta while lounging around at the famous Piazza Farnese in Rome.
Jean Paul Getty Jean Paul Getty war ein US-amerikanischer Öl-Tycoon, Industrieller und Kunstmäzen. Er galt zu seiner Zeit als reichste Person der Welt. Jean Paul Getty (* Dezember in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; † 6. Juni in Woking, Surrey, Vereinigtes Königreich) war ein US-amerikanischer. John Paul Getty III. (* 4. November in Los Angeles; † 5. Februar in Stokenchurch, Vereinigtes Königreich) war ein Sohn des US-amerikanischen. John Gilbert Getty, ein Enkel des US-amerikanischen Öl-Tycoons Jean Paul Getty, wurde mit nur 52 Jahren tot in einem Hotelzimmer.
Jean Paul Getty


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